Friday, June 28, 2013

Who am I?

My name is Aaron, and I'm just a dude taking it day to day. I recently finished up a teaching degree in Spanish and Elementary/Middle School Ed, yet am now pursuing my life long dream - Youth Ministry.

I recently started an internship at my home church in pursuit of being a Youth Pastor someday. With this said I'm all about late nights, chaotic games, and being a life long student (or kid). Ultimately Jesus is the director of me and has certainly turned my life around, which I hope to pass on to every student I encounter.

Throughout this blog, I tend to post from my experiences in ministry. I'm sure we'll hit the highs and lows, mistakes and successes, and the gut wrenchers to tear jerkers along the journey.

Who am I, to have the ability to be who I am and love everything about it?

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