Friday, June 28, 2013

Lesson 1.0 Pray before planning

You know that new guy in the group who thinks they know what works and doesnt work? That guy who has endless ideas, whether crazy or not, events, and thoughts on how to do a job?

Well thats me. I'm a planner, and I love to get things rolling as soon as they come to mind. Fortunately, I've had a ton of success, as well as many disasterful (thats not a word) ideas.

For example:
Kickball and Sodas for Middle School Students- Success
Planning a camping without committment from other adult leaders- Failure

All in all, being a planner and a person full of ideas is a skill God has given many Youth Leaders. But, I think sometimes we get so wound up and excited with our ideas that we forget to ask God if thats what He truly wants. If we want God to be in control of our Youth Group, we need to remember to keep Him in the coverstation.

Potential Youth Pastor Ordinance 1.0 - Pray before Planning

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